Poetry remains close and embellishes everything.

Sheyene Gerardi 2014Life is an adventure, a journey towards self-discovery, falling in love of danger, tuning the heart with the void. The diversity opens my mind and heart. In the beginning everything was about confusion, darkness, spider webs which I kept moving aside until I finally arrived to that infinite space full of light and pure air.

Around the road I have found signs, which indicate me that the time has arrived to live life to the fullest and embrace it fiercely. Continue reading

These Notes Contain My Footprints

IMG_5954 copyThese notes contain my footprints, and as they unravel, I seem to reach those fierce moments, those first days, when my life started to shape up in order to become what it is, and to find out which people have had an influence on my growth along the way.
Complicated love and hunger are taken more lightly when seen from a distance. From a distance crows are bigger and summers are longer. Homes are homier and grandmothers are wiser.
My notes are the map of everything I have walked and of all the projects I have either abandoned or fulfilled.

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My Beautiful Marina

collage blogDedicated to you, who gave me the greatest gifts I have received,
The first which was giving me life,
The second, the freedom to live it.
So I write this poem dedicated to my mother, my constant source of love and sweetness.

Magnificent source of fragile sweetness,
Angelical wisdom and celestial kindness
Ray of moonlight, and hidden treasury
Infinite spring of my weakened faith
Never, never, never I’ll forget to love you eternally
And beautiful Marina: don’t leave me without aid !

**Special thanks to my dear friend, Alfredo Matheus Diez, for collaborating on the english translation.